Activegel - hydrophilic implant

Activegel - filler for the beauty of your body

    Activegel - filler for the beauty of your body

Fillers are drugs used in correction plastic. They differ in their composition. Also they divided on organic and synthetic.

If we consider their specificity, it is worth noting that the products are collagen-containing, with hyaluronic acid, synthetic, autologous, based on their own tissues and combined biosenthetic, which combine the properties of an artificial and natural product containing organic acids and collagen.

“Activegel” is a unique component that is a sterile, modern implant for injections. Quickly and very delicately eliminates imperfections and deformation of the soft tissues of the face and body, aimed at restoring the original forms of the body, replenishing or giving the desired volume. One of the main advantages - it does not resolve after administration, is widely used in plastic, aesthetic, reconstructive surgery.

The composition contains special synthetic substances of a new generation. It is made in aseptic conditions in compliance with all safety standards and requirements. It is additionally sterilized using an autoclave at the final stage of production.

What is Activegel used for?

Apply in contour plastic:

  1. To increase buttocks - a safe way to create seductive forms without surgery. There is no pain, swelling, after a few hours you can return to a full life;
  2. Lips - does not cause allergies, irritations. It can work “in tandem” with other fillers, is completely taken by the body, does not contain substances of animal origin;
  3. in mammoplasty - for a small increase or correction of the shape of the breast. It does not cause allergies, inflammation, does not contain synthetic substances that are rejected by the body, ideal for soft and sensitive tissues.

The use of Activegel will allow you to correct the figure, eliminate skin defects, give the desired volume in certain areas without pain, swelling and prolonged rehabilitation.