Activegel - hydrophilic implant


Activegel™ is an implant of a new generation, which the plastic surgeons got, allowing to achieve unprecedented results. Universal Activegel hydrophilic gel blocking oxidative stress, inflammatory processes are absent, and the postoperative course passes auspiciously, without any complications and excesses. Activegel has a distinct advantage - high biocompatibility, which completely eliminates unwanted side effects and complications. Due to its structure, which is the most closely matches your internal environment, hydrogel is ideal for a gentle and natural injectable soft tissue correction. Immediately after a session you feel comfortable and fresh, pain and discomfort are completely absent.

Contour plastic face

Preservation of beauty and youth is one of the main life missions for every woman. But due to many circumstances and factors this is not always realistic, including taking into account the natural aging processes.

  • Elimination of mimic and age wrinkles in the forehead and interbrown space;
  • Nasolabial folds;
  • Correction of the corners of the lips and chin;
  • Correction of cheekbones;
  • Correction of scars and scars that occurred after accumulation of pus in the wound;
  • Sclerodermas.


What is the most important for a modern woman? Of course, to be beautiful and irresistible. Women's breasts are an object of pride of its owner, as well as an object of admiration and adoration of representatives of the opposite sex.

  • Increased breast volume;
  • Reconstruction and elimination of defects and deformations of the soft tissues of the breast.

Contour plastic body

Modern science offers an indisputably effective solution for every woman - this is a special drug active gel implant gel, which is designed to correct various areas of the body and return the skin to its elasticity, tightness.

  • Increased buttocks;
  • Correction of the shape of the buttocks;
  • Contour plastic of the soft tissues of the shins.


Modern living standards are very high and volatile, but the main principle is to achieve perfection, and it does not matter if it is in the intellectual field or in human physiology. Self-confidence is a first step towards an active life position. Especially for women physical perfection adds extraordinary self-confidence, increases self-control and ability to withstand any competition. Plastic surgeons and cosmetologists look for more sophisticated methods and techniques for aesthetic correction of your body so that your visit to a plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgery and rehabilitation period does not undermine your health and bring you positive emotions, Activegel your younger years and beauty.

Prospects of usage. Injection contour plastic seems to many people as a fairly simple procedure, but it is a superficial and unprofessional approach. Plastic surgeon must have enough experience and knowledge to carry out the procedure without complications. Each implant its chemical composition, contraindications, and recommendations for Activegel should ideally know the technology of injecting the correcting material. Applied filler must meet the standards of safety, do not cause irreparable consequences and have a significant duration. Aquafilling for contouring opens new advanced capabilities, facilitates the work of a plastic surgeon and gives a patient the opportunity to return youth and beauty safely, or to do the right aesthetic correction.

There are no unsolvable problems for an innovative remedy and any part of your skin is transformed - restored with vitamins, moisturized throughout the depth. Skin texture and color become close to the ideal state.

Implant gel Activegel eliminates various kinds of wrinkles and folds, effectively corrects the shape of the nose, fills the volume of the lips, correctly and effectively corrects any defects of soft body in any area of your body.

Contour correction using Activegel is used for post-traumatic deformation, since complications and side effects are minimal. Innovative universal gel perfectly retains shape, size, texture. Used for necessary adjustments in the face of children, it does not delay the growth of bones and organs of the facial skeleton, and this is particularly important when working with children deformations. Protecting the child from inferiority complex and inferiority is quite real, and additional injections, due to the growth of the child, provide a reliable supporting effect. In case of deep facial deformation contour plastic should be performed using Activegel after thorough and proper preparations.

Excision of post-surgical scars must be done, followed by crosslinking a fiber wound, wait for a mobility of soft body. Be sure to make a gentle resurfacing of scars and only after that you can start contouring. After resurfacing it is necessary to wait for 3-4 month.

 Revolutionary implant has opened new perspectives in the field of breast surgery. Clinical results have shown that aquafilling is an excellent remedy with the highest favorable indicators: the postoperative period passes wihout pain, has an incredibly short period of time, comfort and habitual state occurs on day 7; no signs of inflammation and allergic reactions; no migration of the implant; fragmentation is completely excluded, tissues are natural and soft for a long term.

As shown by numerous observations, serious complications are possible only with non-professional approach, if a doctor has a sufficient level of professionalism side effects and inflammations are completely excluded. The state of the soft tissues satisfy the majority of patients, the aesthetic result exceeds all expectations

Many reasons allow to characterize hydrogel as the safest material for effective breast surgery. Another area of quite successful hydrogel usage is a shin soft tissue Activegel filler. Functional activity retains, anatomical complex strusture is not damaged.

 Shin contour plastic using Activegel is much more effective and safer than silicone implants. Despite all the advantages and flawless characteristics, adjustment and plastics have to be performed in medical institutions, which are staffed by doctors with high and special skills. Hospitalization is not necessary, despite this manipulation should take place under ideal conditions of strict asepsis and antisepsis, everything must be perfect sterile.

The properties of the hydrogel

Scientific research in the field of corrective surgery conduct for many decades, plastic surgeons all over the world are looking for more secure and reliable implants to perfectly match the current demands of perfection and beauty. Especially the correction of facial soft tissues and breast exposed the most strict testing and research. The beauty industry has made an incredible revolutionary breakthrough, and all thanks to a new generation of fillers - Activegel gel implant guarantees a stunning result for a long period, the aesthetic effect remains for a long time.

 Filler of a new generation is the most biocompatible hydrogel of all pre-existing implants, has a structure as close as possible to the internal environment of the body. Hydrophilic filler has all the properties of the universal correction material.

Gel implant is a positively charged electrolyte, which provides full conductivity in the tissues, but safely prevents oxygen free radicals, which adversely affect the condition of the tissues. Aging process significantly slows down. Microcirculation in the injection area normalizes, tissues saturate with vitamins and moisturize.

 Filler has no initiators of immune responses, so it does not cause excitatory actions, adverse effects, the manifestation of incompatibilities and allergies also were not stated long-term clinical studies. There is the possibility of repeated injection due to the fact that the implant is inert, does not react with previously injected corrective substances.

 Pathogenic microbes and unfavorable flora can not survive in acidic environment. New filler has strong acidic properties, which are harmful to inflammatory reactions, and safe for your soft tissues. Activegel does not move from the place of injection, and does not form a rough fibrous structure, even minor fragmentation is absent. One anatomical region may be dosed in large volumes.

 Rejuvenating and refreshing effect is guaranteed with the help of a revolutionary technology for a long period with strict compliance of the injecting technology of the hydrogel.