Activegel - hydrophilic implant

Activegel fields of application of fillers

ACTIVEGEL is a unique, universal remedy. It is used in many medical fields, plastic surgery, cosmetology.

High performance is observed during application in contour plastic face, neck. Thanks to gel, you can effectively save patients from wrinkles. It also allows you to correct the cheekbones, nasolabial triangle, chin. With the help of a cosmetic remedy, old scars and scars are smoothed out, almost completely new lesions are removed on the skin.

Productivity is proven in mammoplasty’s. At the expense of Activegel, the dream of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity comes true. They become owners of a chic bust. In addition, deformations in the mammary glands are minimized. From a product it is possible to make artificial limbs, implants for a breast.

The gel is used in the contour plastyс of the body. It helps to give the necessary outlines to the buttocks. In addition to the above, AQUALIFT is widely used in restorative, preventive medicine. He became a rescue for many patients.

Contour plastic face

Preservation of beauty and youth is one of the main life missions for every woman. But due to many circumstances and factors this is not always realistic, including taking into account the natural aging processes.

  • Elimination of mimic and age wrinkles in the forehead and interbrown space;
  • Nasolabial folds;
  • Correction of the corners of the lips and chin;
  • Correction of cheekbones;
  • Correction of scars and scars that occurred after accumulation of pus in the wound;
  • Sclerodermas.


What is the most important for a modern woman? Of course, to be beautiful and irresistible. Women's breasts are an object of pride of its owner, as well as an object of admiration and adoration of representatives of the opposite sex.

  • Increased breast volume;
  • Reconstruction and elimination of defects and deformations of the soft tissues of the breast.

Contour plastic body

Modern science offers an indisputably effective solution for every woman - this is a special drug active gel implant gel, which is designed to correct various areas of the body and return the skin to its elasticity, tightness.

  • Increased buttocks;
  • Correction of the shape of the buttocks;
  • Contour plastic of the soft tissues of the shins.